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Our definition of a Guitar is; “a wooden musical stringed instrument”

What we do

Tattoo Guitars using Pencil and breaking the mould of traditional Guitar Art methods


musician’s are memorable for their on stage persona and presentation

Fiona Tinct-1

Fiona Tinct 2

Art Bass One Tinct


we work with manufacturers and luthiers, where together we develop a theme

Cole Clark Tinct 1



You have a Guitar and would love it made unique… let’s draw out your character with Pencil

Carl Eccles (Euroa Guitars)

"Hey Gypsy, your art work is cool"

Daniel Champagne

"Gypsy, I'm just looking at it now mate and it's beautiful!"

Cooper Lower

"Not only is Gypsy a phenomenal artist, he’s an outstanding human. He is passionate, thoughtful and diligent in his work. Gypsy has a deep understanding of the relationship between art, science and love. Finally, he’s also a musician, so he gets it. I had my Cole...

Aneta Graham

"thanks Gypsy, absolutely love it, makes the uke really personalised"

Julie Gurry

"Would recommend Tinct to the music industry and beyond ….Gypsy is a very talented artist his creativity shines thru his original art takes all the care in the world to enhance your beautiful instruments I highly recommend Tinct …Do yourself a favour and make your...

Kate Cebrano

" I could be ready master 🙂 you’re like the Jedi master of pencil tattoos 🤘"

Phil Ore

"Gypsy's art is amazing. Incredible work from an awesome person!"

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


+61 409 505 121

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